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High-performance Fluoroelastomers

Superior vacuum integrity

Choosing the optimum material for a semiconductor application is often about balancing cost and performance to achieve the best total cost of ownership.

Where process chemicals are less aggressive, our Fluoroelastomer (FKM) sealing materials provide vacuum integrity, demonstrating very low O2 and H2O permeation, along with very low outgassing rates.

These materials are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications such as transfer chambers and subfab applications where vacuum integrity is extremely important to maintain high process yields.

The Resifluor™ PureFab™ range of premium Fluoroelastomers with modified polymer architecture and low trace metal content, provides exceptional levels of cleanliness.


  • O-Rings
  • Custom designed seals including rubber-to-metal and rubber-to-plastic bonded products such as wafer handling seals
  • FlexiMold™ large diameter joint free seals
  • Centering Rings (NW, KF, ISO)

Key material portfolio