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Innovative engineered sealing options

Based on many years experience of providing sealing solutions, we can recommend the best possible sealing option from an extensive range of innovative seal products, many of which have been specifically engineered to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the semiconductor industry.


Airseals are inflatable seals made of tubular elastomer, activated by internal pressurization. These are ideal for load locks and access doors including cleanroom doors, where they replace traditional flat gasketing and O-Rings, giving improved integrity in these specialized applications.

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Bonded to metal

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions can effectively bond FKM and Isolast® seals to a wide variety of surfaces including stainless and mild steel, aluminum, brass and various plastics.

Cost-effectively maximizes sealing integrity

The advantages of the bonded to metal seal are:

  • Maximized sealing integrity
  • Elimination of contamination associated with groove voids
  • Ease of assembly
  • Reduced inventory
  • Cost-effective

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With the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions proprietary FlexiMold™ technology we can manufacture high-precision, large diameter O-Rings and other seal profiles. FlexiMold™ giant seals are of superior quality to those fabricated as spliced seals or made from extruded cord.

Minimized leadtimes and tooling costs
The seals demonstrate the full visual and dimensional integrity of a molded product. Produced without the need for a dedicated tool, a flexible tool set-up minimizes leadtimes and costs.

Large seals in a wide variety of elastomers
Recommended for O-Rings and other seal profiles over 500 mm/ 20 inches.

  • Supplied to standards ISO 3601-1, AS568, and JIS B 2401 and can be produced in almost infinite diameters.
  • If O-Rings are of a standard cross section, there is no tooling charge.
  • Larger and special cross sections along with other seal profiles can be requested.
  • Available in a wide range of elastomers including Isolast® FFKM, Resifluor™ High Performance Fluoroelastomers, FKM, EPDM and HNBR.
  • Seals are produced to a ‘zero’ defect quality policy with parts packaged and labeled individually.
  • Class 100 Cleanroom washing and packing is available, as is an express delivery service.

Large O-Rings and seals have many applications in the semiconductor industry with the production of flat panel displays for the Electronics industry being a major application.

For further information on Fleximold™ giant seals please contact your local marketing company


Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers a wide range of O-Rings that balance cost-effectiveness with performance. Any size of O-Ring is available (standard or custom), including giant O-Rings using our Fleximold™ process.

Broad choice of sealing materials
O-Rings are available in materials ranging from basic elastomer grades to leading edge compounds specifically developed for the industry.

Recommended materials:

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Turcon Varilip PDR

Turcon® Varilip® PDR (Performance, Durability, Reliability) rotary shaft seals are constructed from one or multiple Turcon® PTFE based sealing elements which are mechanically retained in a precision machined metal body.

The Turcon® sealing element provides positive dynamic sealing on the shaft, while the metal body gives a robust static seal against the housing, performing effectively at high rotary speeds.

Lower friction leads to reduced power consumption
Characterized by low friction and stick-slip-free running, the seal reduces temperature generation, permits higher peripheral speeds and lowers power consumption. Tests show that Turcon® Varilip® PDR requires only around 50 percent of the torque of a radial oil seal when running in Fomblin® oil, commonly used in semiconductor vacuum pumps. This results in a long-service life, with maximized mean time between planned maintenance and greater productivity.

Benefits of Turcon® Varilip® PDR seals include:
Turcon® PTFE based sealing lip

  • Low-friction to facilitate reduced power loss and friction-induced heat
  • Unique self-lubricating hydrodynamic feature further reduces friction
  • Advanced geometries engineered to give excellent performance in almost every high-speed rotary situation
  • Multiple lip configurations to address most sealing needs
  • Material compatible with virtually all media
  • Available in FDA-compliant grades

Metal body

  • Durability in harsh environments
  • Effective sealing on static outer diameter
  • Resistance to thermal cycling
  • Choice of high-quality metals including stainless steel, aluminum and other specialized metals such as Hastelloy® or Titanium
  • High corrosion-resistance
  • Superior precision-machined finish for improved sealing on the static interface

Overall Turcon® Varilip® PDR seal

  • Contributes to a reduction in power consumption of equipment
  • High speed capability up to 100 meters per second / 19,680 feet per minute
  • Wide operating temperature range from -60° to 200°C / -76° to 392°F
  • Options available for dry-running applications and for soft shafts
  • Retrofits in radial oil seal grooves
  • Unlimited shelf life with no special storage requirements

Turcon Variseal

Field-proven in extreme gas and liquid handling situations, Variseal® spring-energized Turcon® PTFE based seals have been used in the most demanding of semiconductor sealing applications, including high vacuum and corrosive environments.

High level of system integrity

With the correct selection of PTFE, filled PTFE compounds and appropriate spring material and profile, Turcon® Variseal® can provide the highest level of system integrity.

For static and dynamic applications, Turcon® Variseal® demonstrates low-friction characteristics, leading to extended service life.

Turcon Variseal NW

The Turcon® case of this flange seal encompasses the energizing spring in such a way that there can be no possible contact between the spring or spring cavity and system media. Ideal for semiconductor applications, it can operate in a vacuum and is proven in fluorine gas.

Features of the Turcon® Variseal® NW seal:

  • Operates in extreme temperatures from -253°C/-423°F to 260°C/500°F
  • Vacuum capability in air to 10-9mbar/ l/s
  • Excellent wear and friction characteristics
  • Compatible with virtually all media and gases including fluorine gas at high temperature
  • Available in custom sizes and standard dimensions with easy retrofit of current NW elastomer seals

Turcon Variseal PS

This high-performance seal has been designed with a Turcon® PTFE based sealing body, encompassing a polymeric spring. The spring is engineered to energize the seal precisely at low pressures, while maintaining high-pressure sealing integrity using the system media pressure. The Turcon® Variseal® PS™ has ultra-low leach out impurities as per SEMI standard F57-0301 and minimal outgassing, making it ideal for use in semiconductor wet processing.

Features of the Turcon® Variseal® PS™ seal:

  • Ultra-low leach out and no outgassing
  • Thermal stability from -253°C/-423°F to 80°C/176°F
  • Vacuum sealing 5.3 x 10-8 mbar/l/s-1 (4.7 x 10-8 psi/in3/s-1) per mm length of seal circumference
  • Excellent wear and friction characteristics
  • Compatible with virtually all chemicals
  • Available in standard and custom seal designs

Turcon Variseal Ultra Clean

This Turcon® Variseal® Ultra-Clean™ seal offers the ultimate in cleanliness, making it ideal for use in processing equipment where maintaining an ultra-clean system is a priority. In the unique design of Turcon® Variseal® Ultra-Clean™, the spring required to activate the seal is fully enclosed within a Turcon® case. This means, in semiconductor fabrication, where the minutest contamination can destroy the effectiveness of wafers, metal extractables are totally excluded.

Features of the Turcon® Variseal® Ultra-Clean™ seal:

  • Operates in extreme temperatures from -253°C / -423°F to 260°C / 500°F
  • Withstands high pressures in excess of 100 bar / 1450 psi
  • Excellent wear and friction characteristics
  • Compatible with virtually all media
  • Suitable for piston, rod, face rotary, reciprocating and static situations
  • Easy retrofit into standard AS-568 O-Ring and Variseal® grooves


A unique all rubber seal for rotary shafts, V-Ring® offers the perfect solution to prevent ingress of media including dirt, dust and water while retaining lubricant. Typical applications are on chemical mechanical polish or wafer dicing equipment, where it operates at a velocity up to 12 m/s / 39 ft/s.

Recommended sealing materials:

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Wills Rings

Wills Rings® are the original metal seals engineered for use in extreme conditions where the capabilities of polymeric seals are exceeded.

Proven in the most demanding of conditions
Operating in temperatures from cryogenic up to 850°C / 1562°F, they withstand pressures from hard vacuum up to 1000 MPa / 145038 psi, 10000 bar. They are ideal for static sealing of connectors, flanges and plates.

Available in various sections and metals
Wills Rings® are available in a wide range of metals, both in O-cross section or C-cross section with either pressure filled or system pressure activation.

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