Product Overview for Aerospace Applications | Trelleborg

Product Overview

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions uses its 50 years of experience as the basis for the development and application of engineered dynamic sealing systems and world-class customer support.

Utilize Trelleborg Sealing Solutions experience

As a principal manufacturer of airframe, hydraulic, fuel systems and engine seals, we provide innovative and functional solutions for complex applications.

Our expertise, your advantage

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is an expert in elastomer materials, high-performance O-Rings, gaskets and custom-designed sealing solutions, as well as fabric-reinforced elastomeric diaphragms for environmental controls in valves and pumps.

The first company to realize the huge potential of PTFE in aerospace sealing applications, we remain at the forefront of this technology with its unique Turcon® material range.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers:

  • A complete polymer sealing range for the aerospace industry
  • Full service provision – from design concept to aftermarket support
  • 24-hour worldwide support
  • Industry-leading design and materials expertise
  • Best practice manufacturing
  • Customized distribution capabilities – direct line feed, subassembly and kitting
  • Aftermarket expertise
  • Proven engineering excellence – servicing all major aerospace programs