Aircraft Wheels & Brakes To Support Aircraft Environments

Wheel & Brake

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is the only seal supplier to design and develop a brake test machine to support the challenges of commercial aircraft environments. This linear brake seal development machine has been used to create an advanced portfolio of polymer materials and seal designs for aircraft operating enviroments.

Our portfolio contains a complete range of static and dynamic sealing systems including steel-reinforced bearing grease retainers, large O-Ring wheel hub seals and high-temperature brake seals and scrapers.

Adjuster Sealing System

An aircraft braking system is an extremely complex system linking the brake pedal to the wheel brakes. It must provide safe, effective braking while also maintaining the aircraft's directional stability on the ground. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has a reputation for excellence in providing superior solutions for aircraft brakes.

Typical Operating Environment
Runway dust and dirt, along with brake disc carbon particles, frequently collect in the brake piston. Temperatures can be in excess of +204ºC / +400ºF in most applications. Space is limited and needs to be taken advantage of when specifying sealing systems. Typical system fluids include Mil-PRF-83282 and phosphate ester.

Recommended Products

  • Excluder DC
  • Excluder DC, Series E
  • Turcon® Wedgpak, Ro

Grease Retention Systems

The key to sustained life of primary wheel bearings on all aircraft models is the grease retention system. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has extensive experience with retention systems for aircraft of all platforrm types and can help you design an ideal solution for your application. Our application engineers are ready to assist with a review of your project.

Typical Operating Environment

Runway dust and dirt,along with brake disk carbon particles, must be excluded from the bearing operating surfaces. Likewise, system grease must be retained. Temperatures are generally moderate in comparison with the brake system.

Rim Seals

Most rim assemblies use a static seal between mating rim components as an integral component of the tire-pressure system. This system may also provide pressure relief fuse mechanisms for use during temperature spikes. Our application engineers are ready to assist with a review of your project.

Typical Operating Environment
The primary static seal may be rather simple in design and function depending on hardware configuration and manufacturing techniques. Under severe temperature spikes, custom systems or components may be used for pressure relief, thus preventing overpressure conditions.

Recommended Products

  • Dowty O-Ring