Sealing systems for landing gear applications | Trelleborg

Landing Gear Application

We offer complete sealing systems for all landing gear applications ranging from two-seater light aircraft to heavy duty long-range civil airliners, fuel tankers and large personnel and equipment transporters. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has the expertise and resources to offer the most advanced elastomeric and (Polytetrafluoroethylene) PTFE technologies to ensure ultimate reliability in high pressure, high cycle and high sideload applications that result in large hardware clearances.

Landing Gear Actuator

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has a wealth of experience in landing gear actuator sealing system applications. Landing gear actuators retract, extend, pitch and lock landing gear struts and compartment doors. Our extensive product range includes landing gear actautor sealing systems consisting of seals and bearings made from advanced polymer technologies. Low-friciton, load-carrying bearing materials made from composites and himodulus polymers provide landing gear actautor systems with weight-saving and cost-saving advantages. Safety, reliability and consistency are of great importance in seals and bearing systems. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers complete sealing systems to meet all application requirements. Our application engineers can help you evaluate your specific system needs and design the best solution considering all aspects. 

Typical Operating Environment
Landing gear actuators operate under heavy loads and in high debris environments near the ground. High-duty cycles are common, with pressure spikes up to and above 5000 psi in some applications.

Recommended Products

  • CST® Seal
  • CX(D) Seal
  • Dual Piston Rings
  • Excluder DC
  • Glyd Ring®, Piston
  • Glyd Ring®, Rod
  • Plus Seal II, Piston
  • Stepseal® K, Rod
  • Turcite® Slydring®
  • Turcon® VL Seal
  • Turcon® Wedgpak, Rod

Landing Gear Struts

Landing Gear Shock Struts absorb and dissipate landing impact energy and reduce airframe stresses. Landing gear strut seals are required to operate in demanding sealing environments. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions landing gear shock strut seal designs are second to none. Highly reliable landing gear shock strut seals and sealing systems with consistent performance every time are known trademarks of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. We have extensive experience solving demanding landing gear sealing applications that help aircraft land safely time after time. 

Typical Operating Environment
Landing Gear Shock Struts must perform under heavy load conditions in which significant hardware deflections and high pressure spikes occur. Temperatures reach -65ºF for extended periods of time during flight. Aircraft Landing Gear systems must endure thousands of landing cycles during the life of the aircraft.

Recommended Products

  • Back-up Ring
  • Excluder DC
  • Hatseal® II
  • Plus Seal II, Rod
  • T-Seal, Piston
  • T-Seal, Rod
  • Turcon® Wedgpak, Rod
  • Turcon® Variseal® M (V-spring-energized piston seal)

Steering Systems

Steering Systems

Many types of steering systems are employed throughout the aerospace market. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions can help you evaluate your system's sealing and bearing needs to engineer the ideal solution that fits all aspects of your project.

Typical Operating Environment
Steering system actuators operate under heavy loads and in high debris environments near the ground. High duty cycles are common with pressure spikes up to 34 MPa / 5000 psi.