Sealing Systems For Aircraft Engine Management Applications

Engine Systems

We offer a wide range of sealing systems for engine and engine management applications such as fan blade annulus fillers, fan cowl/thrust reverser doors, heat exchangers, drive shafts, air intakes, fairings and coupling systems. Materials are selected for high temperature performance including silicones up to +270°C / +518°F and our own specially developed high temperature perfluoroelastomer, Isolast®, which will operate at more than 300°C / +572°F. Seals can be reinforced with fire-retardant fabric for fire resistance. 

Air Intakes

Air Intakes require custom solutions to ensure proper function and safety. These solutions can be achieved through a collaborative design effort between your design engineers and ours.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Aerospace stands ready to provide the support required to ensure each application.

Aircraft Couplings

The solution for a coupling application is a Thrust Reverser Actuator Seal. These are custom-engineered products that require close interaction between your design engineers and ours.

Typical Operating Environment
Products used in aircraft couplings must endure a hot air environment.

Aircraft Drive Shafts

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions seals are used on drive shafts to assist in the transfer of power from the center of the engine to externally mounted components. Under conditions of high vibration, the seals have to perform in a wide temperature range and be compatible with a combination of oils and greases.

Typical Operating Environment
Products used in aircraft drive shafts must endure a hot air environment

Fan Blade Application

Fan blade applications use custom-engineered Root Fan Blade Annulus Filler Seals.

Fan Cowls

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Aerospace works with you to design custom solutions for fan cowl applications.

Fire Seal

Fire Seals are used on most engine applications. Typically, custom elastomer products must be designed for each unique application to ensure ideal sealing effectiveness and safety in the air.

Typical Operating Environment
Fire seals are exposed to both hot and cold air. Temperatures may range from as low as -50ºC / -58ºF to as high as +275ºC / +527ºF.

Fuel Management

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions products are used to provide solutions for engine control systems in civil and military aircraft. Applications include actuation, fuel pumps and metering. Under dynamic conditions, seals have to perform in high and low temperature environments while sealing against a variety of oils and fuels.

Heat Exchangers

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions provides top quality Fire Seals for use in Heat Exchanger applications. These are custom-designed solutions that require a collaborative effort between your design engineers and ours.

Typical Operating Environment

Cool air


Fan Cowl Door Seals. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Aerospace can provide the support required to ensure each application is fully reviewed and an appropriate solution is provided. Our application engineers are ready to assist with a review of your project.

Typical Operating Environment

Cold air