Turcon® Roto L | Innovations | Trelleborg

The first ever active seal, the new and unique Turcon® Roto L reduces friction, extending seal life on axle systems and lowering fuel consumption, thereby conserving energy.

The seal’s patented design combines a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sealing lip with a rubber jacket and a stable shape forming metal part. For the majority of the time, the sealing lip is just held against the sealing surface, activating when the application requires.

When pressurized, Turcon® Roto L has less than half the friction of standard axle sealing solutions and allows vehicle operators to deflate and inflate tires on the move. It can take between 20 and 30 minutes to adjust the pressure on a large commercial tire, so allowing this process to be performed on the move permits up to an extra 30 minutes of working time.

Turcon® Roto L also reduces shaft run-in significantly due to the material properties of the Turcon® M12 sealing lip. When combined with the zero friction encountered when the seal is not activated, the result is a seal life that is at least four times longer.