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Quality Management

The Quality Management team within Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a key function consisting of people from many disciplines. The quality of our products and services are always the overall result of all the activities in every phase of the development & manufacturing process.
Our Philosophy: Quality Assurance through long-term partnerships with customers, employees and suppliers is of principle concern at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. Pragmatic approaches, which are understood and realized at all levels, have priority in the Quality Management System, ahead of striking catchwords or stylish standards.

Basic statement: Every customer is absolutely entitled to the quality and performance as promised. Among other things, this includes product features, deadlines and costs/prices. We also extend these promises to any partner to whom we give or have given a service pledge in the sense of a promise of delivery and performance as they are our customers as well.

Quality: We look at quality comprehensively. Beyond product quality, we increase the scope of the quality concept and of the demands we have imposed upon ourselves to include all processes and services. These connect us, not only to each other, but also with our customers and suppliers.
Identification: All employees are committed to our Quality Policies, which are available to every employee in the intranet. Each of us understands that he or she is a bearer of the image of Quality Policies. This means that every single one of us makes a contribution to the Quality Objective we have imposed upon ourselves, and which is expected of us by our customers, by being a good example and through qualitatively unobjectionable performance.


The Integrated Management System of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions meets the requirements of international standards. If you are interested in certification from further locations, please contact your local representative.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Management at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions prefers durable construction and safe processes for the fulfilment of the customer's specifications. Regular process audits in the manufacturing facilities, which are conducted as if the customer would be conducting them, warrant that we achieve a high standard, reaching beyond the internal efforts of the audited installation.

Tests of our own are indispensable to prove the quality of delivered products, and for that purpose, we focus on the following topics:

Quantitative characteristics (measurements)

Measuring components made of elastomers or plastic materials requires a high degree of experience, since the specimens are not rigidly firm in shape. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions favors contactless measurement using 3D measuring equipment with visual sensors.

Qualitative characteristics (superficial faults)

Zero - Fault manufacturing is not possible due to the specific characteristics of the elastomer. All parts must pass through a screening inspection. Predominantly visual automatic testers are used for critical parts. We prefer Basler-machines because of their high degree of flexibility and safety.

Quality Awareness

Ensuring quality in our relationship with suppliers

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is convinced that its success, to a great extent, depends on the quality of its products and services, but also on the proficiency and motivation of its employees, as well as their commitment to the business objectives.

The satisfaction of our employees is assessed and evaluated.

Environmental Awareness

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions does its very best in searching for materials and technologies with improved environmental compatibility and in integrating these into production whenever possible. The use of recyclable materials in all of our activities is promoted in the same way, and also the development of procedures that reduce the consumption of material and energy.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has a representative for environmental affairs.

Relation to our producers

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is convinced that the relationship to its suppliers, which is based on partnership, represents the prerequisite to guarantee the quality standard agreed upon and grants the ability to react flexibly to the needs of the customers and accomplish the professed corporate objective of continuous improvement of its products and services.

Quality Objectives

The Quality Policies, the Declaration of Principles and the Quality Objectives of our enterprise were formulated by the management. Quality Policies and Quality Objectives serve as a guideline for all employees in carrying out all their work, and they contain the continuous process of improvement as an express constituent. Every employee is obliged to work for the benefit of both our enterprise and that of our customers in accordance with the guidelines of our Quality Management (QM) documentation.

A part of the quantifiable objectives constituting the basis for QM-Assessment is derived from the Quality Policies (in the QM-plans of the departments/divisions.) Data is regularly collected and submitted to the management board for evaluation. The analysis of the data is the starting point for permanent improvement, among other factors.

The Zero - Fault - Strategy is established in the Declaration of Principles.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions evaluates the quality of the processes by the attainment of the objectives. Objectives are set up annually and partial objectives and their attainment are checked regularly. The following characteristic figures are judged for this purpose:

  • Sales objectives: Sales volume and gross profit.
  • Logistics objectives: Punctuality of the deliveries from the producer and to the customer.
  • Product quality: Result of the tests conducted upon receipt of goods Complaint index.
  • Customer's satisfaction: Service, Keeping of deadlines, Quality

"The greatest hazard for us is not, that we set our objectives too high and then we cannot achieve them, but that we set too small goals for ourselves, and we attain them."

Karl Pilsl (*1948) Austrian economy-journalist, businessman and market researcher, living in the USA.

Quality Policies

Innovation and customer satisfaction

Market oriented quality

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions endeavors to take a leading position on global markets, and it will utilize the means necessary to achieve this objective. The company also aims to maintain its reputation for innovation and the permanent improvement of its products and services.

The objective is to take over the quality-leadership of the market.

Sequence - oriented quality

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will, at any time, assist an organization which is suitable in establishing the customer's needs in their full extent, defining optimum solutions, offering a wide range of products corresponding to the latest level of engineering, and in developing, producing and commercializing these in accordance with the agreed quality standard.

The objective is to develop a customer-oriented structure.

Customer's satisfaction

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions understands that permanent satisfaction of the customer can only be achieved if we offer products and services which correspond to the full extent of the actual needs of our customers, from an economic and technical point of view.

The satisfaction of our customers is assessed and evaluated.